Radware (RDWR) announced that Sina's (SINA) gaming platform has deployed Radware's DefensePro to ensure real-time Denial of Service Protection for Sina's web servers. Sina currently counts over 100,000 concurrent users for its online games.

A Denial of Service attack is when a hacker sends a continuous stream of information to a server, thereby rendering that server inoperable and inaccessible to other users.

"After testing and reviewing several application security solutions, Radware's DefensePro proved the strongest in ensuring real time Denial of Service Protection at high speed," said Curt Kim, Chief Engineer, Sina Game. "We were also impressed with Radware's Security Update Service which delivers immediate and ongoing security filter updates to safeguard our applications, network and users."

Featuring attack monitoring and isolation, DefensePro continuously monitors security threats across layers 2-7 on Sina's online game servers for full visibility of attack. By controlling bandwidth, DefensePro isolates attacks, preventing spread to users and applications while ensuring continuity of all unaffected and secure applications.


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