Datang and ARM (ARMHY) announced that Datang has licensed the ARM 926EJ processor.

Through the ARM Foundry Program, DMT will adopt the DSP and Jazelle technology-enabled ARM926EJ processor for its communications and multimedia application platform, which is targeting the consumer electronics market.

The ARM926EJ processor is based on a 32-bit RISC CPU running a 16-bit fixed point DSP instruction set, which enhances the performance of many signal processing algorithms and applications. In addition, the processor supports

Jazelle technology which enables devices to execute Java byte code directly. The solution enables wireless and internet device developers to build in the capability to run high-performance Java technology applications much faster, with limited power and cost penalties

"ARM is the preferred architecture for wireless and consumer electronics platform. The ARM926EJ processor can provide advantages of low power, high performance and low cost," said Mr. Yan-Hui Yang, vice president of DMT.


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