CHL Technologies, has signed an agreement with YuLong, a leading supplier for China Unicom and one of the top 500 fastest growing companies in Asia for 2004, as identified by Deloitte.

Through the agreement, YuLong will pre-embed E Mobile's Mobile Book Software Technology (MBST) into its CoolPad cell phone handsets and market & promote MBST through YuLong's website, TV, radio, newspaper advertisement, and other marketing and distribution channels.

YuLong is a wholly owned subsidiary of the public company China Wireless of Hong Kong. YuLong is recognized as the inventor of the first intelligent two mode cell phone, the CoolPad, supporting both GSM and CDMA at the same time thereby enabling seamless roaming for users to switch between mobile networks employing the two different technologies. China Unicom has been so satisfied with CoolPad it has already placed three orders from YuLong since August, 2004 with 300,000 CoolPads sold.

CHL President Dr. Hu stated, "We are excited about this opportunity because it enables us to reach 100 million China Unicom users. E Mobile has made great recent progress marketing our services to China Mobile users and we have been exploring ways to provide the same benefit of our MBST services to China Unicom users. At this time China Unicom's GSM network covers 328 areas and its CDMA network covers 31 provinces in China. Joining together with the technical leader, YuLong, to develop the market through China Unicom creates opportunity for expanded market and revenues for E Mobile."

E Mobile owns and operates a for-pay online mobile content website through CHL in China where cell phone users can download thousands of games, books, magazines, news articles and even comics.


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