China Unicom this past weekend began to sell low-priced CDMA mobile phones to consumers around China. The first group of these CDMA mobile phones include six types of products from Nokia, Samsung and LG, and all these phones are sold below CNY1700.

A Beijing Unicom spokesman has told local media that China Unicom has purchased 1 million CDMA mobile phones. During the Spring Festival Lunar New Year period, Unicom plans to sell a second group of CDMA mobile phones, including a selection from Motorola and LG, at even lower prices.

There are also rumors that Unicom has made plans with companies like Kyocera, ZTE, and Hisense to flood the market with about three million super low-priced CDMA mobile phones.

Unicom's CDMA standard in China is currently competing with China Mobile's more popular GSM standard.


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