After last week's Chinese Domain Name Registrar Conference held in Kunming by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), many domain sellers have dropped their prices for .CN domains by as much as 40%.

With the price drop, registrars hope to match the price of .COM domains by the middle of February. A typical .COM domain name currently sells for about CNY130 for an annual registration.

For Chinese users, .CN helps them avoid the risk of international lawsuits caused by domain names, while for international users, it provides an easy way for them to localize their websites for Chinese users.


  1. I am a german patent attorney. One of my clients received an intimidating email from a firm called Beijing Network Information Technology Co., Ltd (,, informing them that a company is trying to register my client's firm name as domain name in China and internet keyword. They offer their services if my clients wants to register the domain name himself. Did this firm make any negative headlines in China?
    Yours sincerely

  2. Has anyone gotten to the bottom of whether or not these guys are a scam?

    My client also received one of these emails regarding their US trademarked name.

    Seems like a scam.

    Hoping to help them figure it out one way or the other.


  3. I too received a similar email yesterday and my believe is that this company (and some more) are sending such mails to make some money. I did a Google earch and found out the same.

  4. Got a similar email from Beijing ONVIS Network saying ShenBan Invenstment is going to register our domain and internet keyword. The guy is preying on some worried owners to make profit. A skunk scam.

  5. It seems to be a scam. Our client also reseved a mail like this so, it sould be the ordinary game of sending mails and waiting go earn from thouse fearing to loose the donaim.


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