VA Linux Systems Japan K.K. (VA Linux), a provider of Linux solutions for the telecommunications and enterprise systems markets, announced a strategic alliance with Sun Wah Linux Limited (SWL) to jointly develop a universal Debian GNU/Linux infrastructure and actively promote the adoption of Debian-based systems in both the Japan and China markets.

The partnership of the two companies aims to capitalize on the competitive forces of both VA Linux's second-to-none technological excellence on server- level applications including the Linux Kernel, and SWL's rich experience on desktop applications and in-depth knowledge of internationalization (I18N) techniques, especially for Asian languages. The synergy of the two core competencies and strong dedication to Debian development assure a steep rise in the presence of Debian GNU/Linux in the global market.

Furthermore, both firms will in cooperation promote the adoption of Debian-based systems in both Japanese and Chinese domestic markets, particularly the telecommunications and enterprise sectors in Japan and government and public arenas in China.


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