The familiar "eye logo" on Netease's (NTES) 163 search engine has now caused a legal dispute.

Beijing Shang Jie Yuan Chuang Enterprise Image Engineering Company claims to be the original designer of the logo and has sued Netease (Beijing) and Guangzhou Netease Computer System Co., Ltd for violating its copyright. Shang Jie is asking for CNY100,000 as compensation.

According to Shang Jie, Netease (Beijing) and Guangzhou Netease Computer System Co., Ltd have each used the logo on advertisements, on subway tickets and in websites without authorization from or compensation to Shang Jie.

The two defendants say that the logo they are using was designed by Beijing Guangyitong Advertising Co., Ltd under their commission and therefore Netease rightfully owns the use of the logo.

The case is being processed at Beijing No. 2 Secondary People's Court. There is no indication when the court will produce a verdict.


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