Thomson is taking aim at Benq's LCD products, saying that the latter is violating Thomson's patents.

According to local Chinese media reports, Thomson's New York office has submitted a statement to the International Trade Centre (ITC) US Trade Committee, requesting the ITC to carry out an investigation over LCD televisions, LCD monitors and relevant components produced by Benq. Thomson claims that Benq has violated its patent rights with these products.

In the complaint, Thomson lists a number of Benq's companies as violators, including its Suzhou manufacturing base, its Taiwan headquarters, the US sales department and even Lodestar, its chief supplier.

Analysts are quoted in the local media as saying the main reason Thomson has begun this action against Benq, the largest LCD monitor provider in Taiwan, is to scare more Chinese LCD manufacturers into complying with patent laws.

There is no indication yet on what sort of penalties Benq may face if the ITC investigation proves that Benq did violate Thomson's patents.


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