Optibase's (OBAS) MPEG MovieMaker 400 encoders are currently enabling TV over IP to the home streaming services in the Tangshan metropolitan area in China.

The Tangshan metropolitan area serves over 50,000 ADSL, Cable and optical LAN subscribers. In order to provide these subscribers with enhanced content, Tangshan Netcom and the Broadcast Television Authority have built a sophisticated TV head-end solution that will enable access to live and foreign television content as well as interactive services.

The video head-end solution, which will enable triple play services (Voice, High-speed Internet and Video), will deliver dozens of live video channels and video-on-demand over an IP network designed to reach all of Tangshan's metropolitan subscribers.

The solution includes compression, broadcast and on-demand-and-management servers. The video feed is received from satellite, encoded into MPEG-4 using Optibase's MPEG MovieMaker 400 encoder and transmitted over a separate ADSL line. This service allows subscribers to enjoy unlimited access to video-on-demand services using both televisions and home computers on the receiving end.

"We are delighted to have a fully deployed MPEG-4 streaming system serving the residents of Tangshan," said Uzi Breier, CEO of Optibase. "While many of our MPEG-4 streaming projects in China are still in their trial period, we are delighted that Tangshan Netcom has passed that phase and is now providing these advanced services on Optibase platforms to generate revenue."


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