Hurray (HRAY) has signed agreements with three record companies: Warner Music, EMI and Ocean Butterflies Music. Under these agreements, Hurray will be able to offer music from the libraries of all three companies in its Color Ring Back Tone (CRBT) services and to offer the music from Warner Music and Ocean Butterflies Music in its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services.

Hurray also announced today that it has acquired the exclusive right to distribute a song called "Spy Xiao Qiang" in its wireless value-added services. It is thus far one of the most popular songs distributed through the Internet in China in 2005. Hurray intends to use this song in its WAP, CRBT, IVR and Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) services.

Commenting on these new agreements, Hurray's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Qindai Wang, said, "We are very pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Warner Music, EMI and Ocean Butterflies Music. These copyright licensing activities will greatly enrich the content of our services, and we believe that they will help enhance our competitiveness in the wireless value- added services market, especially in the growing market for interactive music entertainment."


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