Game software creator Shanda (SNDA) has reached a strategic agreement with Chengdu Jialongli Food Company, a Singaporean-funded company, to launch a game-inspired candy brand "Pao Pao Tang". The candy will integrate many of Shanda's game images and logos into the treats' designs.

Shanda's cartoon game "Pao Pao Tang" boasts 40 million registered users, many of them young players and female netizens.

In addition to "Pao Pao Tang", Shanda plans to cooperate with Jialongli on other games, putting its game characters on the latter's food packaging.

Jialongli says it plans to achieve CNY30 million in sales revenue for "Pao Pao Tang" product this year.

Shanda has launched more than 230 different types of non-game products, including stationery, clothing, and digital products, to complement its stable of well-known images and brands in China.


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