The Telecommunications Management Bureau of the Ministry of Information Industry (MII) yesterday held an internal meeting called "Mobile Phone Quality and After-Sales Service", re-emphasizing its control and supervision over the mobile phone industry.

All the licensed mobile phone manufacturers in China were asked to attend the meeting. Telecom operators, including China Mobile and China Unicom, also were present to give their feedback and requirements to mobile phone manufacturers.

The MII is trying to crackdown on falsely-licensed mobile phones in order to create a fair marketplace for the mobile phone industry to prosper.

Liu Jie, director of the Telecommunications Management Bureau Certification Center, disclosed to local media that the MII will make a three-level warning and punishment matrix, namely, Yellow, Orange and Red. Those who receive a Yellow warning will be required to solve their problems within specified number of days; those who break Orange level rules will be publicized in the media and have difficulty in applying for network connections for their products. Red level violators won't be allowed to have their products linked to the mobile phone network and will suffer the punishments of Yellow and Orange.

The rules have not been formulated yet, but will be published soon.


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