UTStarcom (UTSI) unveiled its first wireless handset for WCDMA/GSM/GPRS networks, the GW200. The 3G-enabled GW200 provides wireless voice and data communications capabilities anywhere around the world where WCDMA wireless networks are operational.

The GW200 is a dual-mode WCDMA/GPRS/GSM handset that operates on WCDMA, or Wideband Code Division Multiple Access networks, the main technology for 3G wireless systems globally. WCDMA networks utilize a wide 5MHz bandwidth that offers data rates up to 2 Mbps, or ten times faster than present GPRS networks.

With the WAP-2.0-enabled GW200 on a WCDMA network, consumers will have swift access to data, web browsing, streaming video and other over-the-air downloads. The GSM mode offers tri-band operation: 900/1800/1900 MHz.


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