A Nanchang netizen surnamed Mao has successfully won compensation for his losses through the 1Pai.com online auction website.

Mao bought a second-hand laptop computer for CNY3350 from 1Pai in October 2004. But after he posted CNY3400 to the seller, Changsha Fengxiang Technology Company, the computer never arrived.

Mao was later told by the Changsha Department of Industry and Commerce that there was no such company named Changsha Fengxiang Technology Company in the city. So in March this year, Mao brought a lawsuit against 1Pai, asking the latter to pay for his loss and all related legal fees.

The court has now ruled that 1Pai provided false information, so it is obligated to compensate Mao for the cost of the computer and an undisclosed amount in legal fees.


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