Prosoft Learning is creating two new "CIW China" e-commerce certifications through its partnership with Beijing-based iTOM Learning, a company focused on bringing Information Technology certifications to the Chinese education industry.

The Shandong Occupational Skill Testing Authority (OSTA) will organize the testing for the CIW China E-Commerce Technical Engineer and CIW China E-Commerce Application Engineer certifications. Candidates who pass the exams will be jointly endorsed by CIW and by Shandong OSTA. The e-commerce certifications will complement Prosoft's CIW China Web Designer certification, which has been enjoying success in China since its announcement in May 2004. According to the agreement, Prosoft will issue the certifications and iTOM will manage the project in Shandong province.

CIW China certifications are the China-only versions of the popular CIW certifications, but use localized exams that differ from those used outside China. Because of this difference, CIW China certifications are not included among the CIW certifications issued worldwide, which to date number more than 80,000.


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