NeuLevel and Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) say that the .TW country code will provide English second level domain name registration services starting November 1. Currently, third-level .TW domains are only offered.

NeuLevel — the operator of the .BIZ Internet domain — is the exclusive worldwide Registry gateway for .TW outside of Taiwan. TWNIC is responsible for administering and managing the .TW domain, and oversees all .TW domain name registration services to registrars and resellers in Taiwan.

Second-level space for .TW domain name registrations removes attribute tags such as .com and .org to provide registration needs to individuals, companies, products and services.

.TW is open to international businesses, organizations and individuals. Businesses are not required to have a presence in Taiwan, contacts or associations with Taiwan or Taiwanese name servers.

Taiwan's e-readiness was rated 22 in the world in 2005 by the Economist Intelligence Unit and Institute for Business Value of IBM.


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