Commtouch's (CTCH) spam trends and statistics for the month of July 2005, observing 20.2% higher spam volumes than those seen during June 2005. Spammers in China sent 19.29% of global spam during July 2005, slightly under the volume originating from Europe as a whole, 21.5%.

Commtouch analyzes on average 1.5 billion messages each month. The company recorded approximately 35 million spam outbreaks during the month of July 2005, or 1,120,000 outbreaks on an average day.

China, South Korea and the United States continue to be the top three sources for spam. The bulk of European spam originates from EU countries (18.37%), notably France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom. With variations of less than 1% since February 2005, the United States has continued to account for nearly 15% of global spam.

The ebb and tide of spam content is now moving in favor of pharmaceuticals (31.16%) and financing offers (17.53%). Pornography dropped from 19% in June 2005 to only 8.71% in July 2005. Sex enhancers have become a highly popular category, accounting for 14.55% of spam in July 2005 and 9.63% in June 2005.


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