China's Ministry of Culture has banned the playing of another group of network computer games.

A Ministry of Culture representative has told local media that the list of banned games include "Hitman 2: Silent Assassin", "Painkiller", "Sexy Poker" (a handset game), and "Aoshi Online". These four have been banned because they either contain information that endangers China's national security or spread pornography, gambling and violence.

The Ministry of Culture has asked cultural departments at different provincial levels to cooperate closely with the local public security departments, communications departments and departments of industry and commerce to conduct a thorough check over the websites and Internet cafes that are running these games.

In addition, the Ministry of Culture said it will punish Beijing Mingnuo Dongfang Technology Development Company, Shenzhen Baodelong Network Technology Company, Xi'an Fenteng Interactive Digital Technology Company, Shenzhen Domain Network Software Company, and the Henan Shangqiu Zhitong Network Company because these companies have run some games without first consulting with the Ministry of Culture. There is no word yet on what type of punishemnt or fine will be levied against these companies.


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