PacificNet's (PACT.PK) Epro subsidiary will launch a new 250-seat call center in Guangzhou, due to a significant increase in customer demand for call center services in Hong Kong and China.

Due to the recent increase in the demand for telemarketing and call center business, PacificNet Epro purchased a new call center facility in China, to cope with the rapidly growing business of the company. This new site is to supplement the existing 400-seat call center facility in Hong Kong hosting over 800 call center agents, which has been operating in above full capacity for the past year.

The combined Hong Kong-China operation will expand Epro's total call center capacity to 650 seats and over 1,200 agents, serving existing and new clients in both Hong Kong and mainland China.

Epro believes that the contact center expansion will lead to over 40% annual revenue growth in the coming years. Furthermore, the new facility in China should lead to growth in profit margin because the labor cost and office facility is less than half of the cost in Hong Kong.



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