A man surnamed He sued Shanghai Pudong Development Bank after the latter gained his domain name 95528.com via the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre ealrier this year. However, He's petition has this week been turned down by the Shanghai No. 1 Secondary People's Court because of lack of sufficient evidence.

He is a computer teacher in Jiangsu Province. Under the commission from a friend, he registered 95528.com in June 2004 with the birth date of his friend's son (1995/05/28) for the child to communicate with other kids born on the same day of the year.

But in June 2005 he was requested by the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre to return the domain name to Shanghai Pudong Development Bank who claimed "95528" was its hotline phone number, and therefore its intellectual property.

The Shanghai court also said it believed the special number should exclusively belong to the bank, and therefore denied He's appeal.


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