SAFRAN Group has announced the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding by its subsidiary Sagem Communication and China's Ningbo Bird.

Sagem Communication and Ningbo Bird begun their collaboration back in 1999 through the sales in China by Ningbo Bird of products based on Sagem Communication technology.

Based on this existing partnership, Sagem Communication and Ningbo Bird have decided to reinforce their world-wide position through this new MoU by creating a strategic alliance built on closer links at different levels.

Both companies have decided to co-ordinate their global strategy: sales of both brand products will be managed commonly. For an efficient customer management, sales coordination will be driven by Sagem Communication on the international market, and by Ningbo Bird on the chinese market. Purchasing will be conducted commonly. Product quality will be placed at the highest standards. Joint experience and combined skills will enable both companies to reach these targets.

Finally, a new Joint Venture (50/50) dedicated to Research & Development will be created in Ningbo with the mission to develop a common product range for SAGEM and Bird brands.


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