China Tietong's newly laid cables in the residential Xixin Complex in Beijing's Shunyi District were cut on the evening of October 17. China Tietong immediately reported this to the local police, believing it was done by its telecom competitor China Netcom (CN).

China Netcom's spokesperson Tang Liuming has admitted to local media that China Netcom's staff have removed some cables from Xixin, but he says they did so to carry out regular maintenance on their own cables.

Bu Xiaosong, a manager of China Tietong's construction team, has told local media that all the communications tubes inside the complex belong to all proprietors of the complex, not just China Netcom.

China Tietong says it had signed an agreement with the complex's developer and was entitled to use the communications tubes. Bu says China Netcom was intentionally destroying Tietong's cables because his company provides cheaper service than China Netcom.

China Tietong has had past disputes with China Netcom in the Xixin Complex. On March 15 this year, China Netcom's staff stopped China Tietong from conducting upgrades in the area.


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