EPCglobal China has awarded licenses to a first group of seven Chinese manufacturers.

EPCglobal is a subsidiary of GS1, a not-for-profit standards organization entrusted with driving the global adoption of Electronic Product Code (EPC) technology.

The seven enterprises that have been issued a license by EPCglobal China are Beijing Lynko Technologies Inc.; Beijing Tsinghua Tongfang Microelectronic Company; Shandong Institute of Standards; Computer Network Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CNIC); Beijing RFID World Electronics Integration Technology Co., Ltd; Aerospace Information; and Proview (Shenzhen).

By becoming a member of EPCglobal China, these companies are eligible for participating in EPC Work Team activities, learning about EPC's latest trend, communicating with senior EPC experts, participating in EPCglobal China's educational or training activities, and taking part in EPC's relevant testing.

These companies are also obligated to take the lead in implementing and applying EPC technology in China.

EPC helps in tracking goods transported throughout the world via unified goods coding, RFID and wireless data communications technologies. It plays an important role in improving goods supply management and lowering logistic costs. By September 2005, EPCglobal had developed 650 users.

EPCglobal China was established in April 2004. It began to accept member registration in October of the year.


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