An associate professor from a university in Nanjing has sued because the website has published a post that allegedly insults his dignity and reputation.

Nanjing Gulou District People's Court has accepted the case.

The associate professor surnamed Chen is teaching News Ethics and Rules to graduate and undergraduate students at the university. In September this year, he found on the defendant's website a post entitled "Lan Ren Lan Jiao Cai" (Unqualified Teacher and Unqualified Textbook) that insulted him by mentioning his name.

Chen contacted and asked it to delete the post, but the website did not do so because Chen did not provide his identification documents.

Chen asked in his petition that remove the post immediately from its website, make an apology to him and pay him CNY10000 as emotional compensation.

The case has not been heard yet by the court, but it should happen within the next two months.


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