Hong Kong's Outblaze has launched "Sentry Perimeter," an advanced anti-spam and virus service to a wider consumer market. Previously, it was only available as a stand-alone offering for ISPs and enterprises.

Outblaze's global network processes 80 billion messages per month and identifies 92.5% of email as spam or containing viruses. On a daily basis, Outblaze delivers approximately 200 million legitimate emails to it's users.

Suresh Ramasubramanian, Postmaster and Anti-Spam Manager at Outblaze, says, "Processing eight billion emails a month across 140 countries gives Outblaze an unmatched view of global virus and spam activity. We're proud to bring these capabilities to the wider market."

Outblaze Sentry Perimeter service features an "Inoculation Network" that spans 117 countries and encompasses over 40-million active email boxes. This provides the Outblaze email security team with a real-time global view of email security threats.

Outblaze Sentry Perimeter is deployed at the network boundary as either a primary or second filtering service.


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