Internet Criticizes Yahoo For Improper Competition has published an announcement on its website, accusing Yahoo (YHOO) of eliminating one of its strategic products and therefore causing immeasurable loss to itself and its users. states in the announcement that Yahoo has removed, when upgrading its own search engine, the *.exe part of the filename of its "PIG", a piece of software that is of great strategic importance to

As a result, Zhongsou has received many users' complaints who can not use the software during its ongoing "Super Search Contest", which eventually had to be stopped. thinks that Yahoo's behavior has harmed its brand and name and caused great loss to the company as well as its users. It says that it reserves the right to take legal actions against Yahoo in this regard. says it has already upgraded the concerned word-rowing function so that those affected can resume their use of the software.

Yahoo's operations in China are run by

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