The China Youth Net Association has released its first Internet addiction report. The report, entitled "China Youngsters Network Addiction Data Report (2005)", outlines the scale of youth online addiction, the demographic status of the addicts and the relationship between Internet addiction and online surfing.

The report says that 13.2% of Chinese teenagers are addicted to using the Internet, and 13% have a tendency of being "indulged" on the network. Of the total addicts, about 60% are males and 40% are females.

Most of the addicts are junior high school students, the unemployed or those who do not have a regular occupation. Their addiction to the Internet is developed from playing games. But the analysis shows that there is no apparent relation between Internet addiction and geographic factors and economic status.

The report has been based on a 22500 questionnaire survey conducted in 25 provinces and autonomous regions, except for Tibet and the four Chinese municipalities.


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