Intelsat and APT Satellite (ATS) have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to work together using their combined satellite fleets.

The two companies agreed to market each other's satellite capacity and ground resources, as well as to provide broadcast and telecommunications services to the Asia Pacific region, including China.

This strategic move will allow Intelsat, as well as its media and corporate data customers, to access the Asia Pacific market through APT Satellite's two newly launched satellites, APSTAR 5 and APSTAR 6.

APT Satellite will have access to Intelsat's capacity in other regions of the world via Intelsat's fleet of 28 satellites, thereby expanding APT Satellite's reach and giving it the ability to seamlessly carry its customers' traffic wherever they may need service.

As part of the alliance, the two companies have agreed to explore additional growth initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region, including China.


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