China's eBay (EBAY) Eachnet plans to focus on import and export trading by using its advantage as a convenient international platform and its recent purchase of VoIP software Skype.

Wu Shixiong, CEO of eBay Eachnet, has told local media that his company will work hard to attract mainstream consumers in China and to fully understand their needs before incorporating the assets of eBay for a larger use. To this end, Wu has sent a group of marketing professionals to study the market and he even participated in the market survey.

Wu Shixiong said that eBay Eachnet will divide the Chinese market into more than seven areas, and classify the consumers according to their age, geographic location, buying habits and occupations.

According to Wu, there is a great space for eBay Eachnet to develop in the field of import and export trading and eBay Eachnet is communicating with the concerned government departments for support. So far, the Custom and Foreign Exchange Departments in Shanghai have expressed their willingness to provide eBay Eachnet as much convenience as possible for it to realize internationalization.

Wu said that Skype is another big weapon for eBay Eachnet in realizing its development strategy. eBay Eachnet will combine Skype's PC2PC function or embed VoIP on its webpage for users to communicate with each other.

Regarding search engine, Mr. Wu said that eBay Eachnet will cooperate with Baidu (BIDU) and put a large amount of advertising on search engine.

Wu emphasized that eBay Eachnet will no longer be a pure C2C platform. Instead, it will cover both C2C and B2C.


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