Pacific Internet (PCNTF), Asia Pacific's largest telco-independent Internet Communications Service Provider by geographic reach, has unveiled an integrated connectivity and security solution has been named as PI Broadband Service.

Pacific Internet's PI Broadband Service is a secure and managed solution to deploy Cisco's Integrated Services Router for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong marketplace.

Pacific Internet is offering the Cisco 800 and 1800 series Integrated Services Routers as customer premise devices. They provide a range of security services which reduce the amount of work and maintenance customers have to perform, including firewall policy backup and restoration. PI Broadband Service also provides optional VPN tunnel setup so as to ensure encrypted communication among the offices.

In addition to the Cisco Integrated Services Router with embedded firewall and VPN features, customers can enjoy Pacific Internet's [email protected] email service, Anti-Spamming and Anti-Virus Service for a complete security solution.


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