The Ministry of Information Industry's Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center (CSIP) and the CIITA RFID China Alliance have arranged a strategic partnership. The two sides will cooperate on RFID Skills Training program to make up for the void in China's domestic market.

Under their agreement, the CIITA RFID China Alliance will assist CSIP in setting up a RFID Skills Training Center and RFID Examination Center to train RFID talents for China's rapidly growing RFID market.

The two parties have agreed to organize a series of RFID training courses and certifications and issue professional skills certificates recognized by the Ministry of Labor.

CSIP is a neutral and open institution under the Ministry of Information Industry aimed at providing public services to China's software and integrated circuit industry and enterprises.

China RFID Industry Alliance, composed of 300 IT enterprises both home and abroad, is an non-governmental organization specialized in promoting the RFID industry development and application in China.


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