Beijing Haidian District Consumer's Association has exposed two websites, and, that have been found cheating consumers by selling low-priced mobile phones.

Neither of the websites have registered with the Department of Industry and Commerce, and the mailing addresses they have both published on their websites are false.

Consumers have complained that the websites offer new types of mobile phones at discounts of up to 60% to attract buyers, but after consumers pay the money, the phones are never delivered.

The Consumer Association reminds consumers to be cautious when buying merchandise online.

Authorities in China are still looking for the websites' owners.


  1. Recently I am a victim of these swindlers "" and have lost 300 dollars. I'm interested why the goverment does not supervise such companies, what the police is engaged? If such crimes will be many people will cease to use China.

  2. can someone tell me something about these sites? I olso saw and i just couldnt belive
    what are the real companies names that sells things cheap, but safe, and is gfemlc real or fake?

  3. Hi,
    The simple way out of this scam is not to deal with China.
    The authorities don't seem to care about these scammers, so don't deal with any Chinese traders.

  4. Beijing Consumer Association Identifies Two Fake Online Shopping Sites, uuuuaaaaaooooo what a job", they do not doing nowthing, do you know about this fake web :,,,, company: huaguyuan Internet, 105 no.015 building Yutaoyuan Chaoyang district beijing china room 43, zip code 100022,bank acount no. 4060600-0188-008405-3 swift code: bkch cn bj 110, name: Jian wen hua, the bank in BJ , do not have security cameras or records? company:world wholesaler: room 304, building first #7 ivzhou jia yuan, 18 li dian chaoyang, bank acountt no: 4060700-0188-041873-6, name: Zhao Jun BJ,
    verify the security cameras for western union of BJ, name:wenhua jiangmtcn 115-292-1106tracking num.???? what gobs BJ consumer Asociation do ???????, D O NOT B U Y N O T H I N G from C H I N A ONLY USA PRODUCTS COMPANY

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