Silicon Laboratories (SLAB) announced that China's Amoi Mobile has adopted the Si4700 FM tuner for multiple new handset platforms.

Offering unmatched integration and performance, Silicon Laboratories' patented Si4700 has allowed Amoi Mobile to quickly implement FM radio functionality into its new handsets where board space, performance and low power consumption are essential.

Leveraging Silicon Laboratories' patented Aero digital low intermediate frequency (low-IF) receiver architecture and 100 percent CMOS process technology, the Si4700 delivers superior RF performance and interference rejection. Digital signal processing is utilized to provide optimum sound quality under varying reception conditions.

The high integration and complete system production test simplifies design, increases quality and improves manufacturing for customers like Amoi Mobile.

"Consumers are increasingly demanding integrated music capabilities on cellular handsets without sacrificing performance," said Xie Hongquan, senior vice general manager of Amoi Mobile. "Silicon Laboratories' innovative FM tuner has been critical in enabling us to quickly implement FM radio capability with unmatched sound quality on our latest handset designs."

"Amoi Mobile's adoption of the Si4700 is a testament to the ease-of-use and unmatched performance achievable with our FM radio tuner," said Tyson Tuttle, vice president of Silicon Laboratories. "Our innovative digital architecture leverages our expertise in RF performance to deliver the highest performance solution that can be easily integrated into handsets."


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