A new report by Research and Markets shows China's RFID market scale has reached CNY1.6 billion, and is still expanding at a high speed.

China's broad consuming market and its increasingly prominent position in international manufacturing industry have provided RFID products with huge market potential.

Currently, personal recognition is still a major part of China's RFID market, which sees logistics, though in its early stage, as the most promising point in the future

The main application field of RFID includes identification, transport management, item management and so on, where the second generation ID card is the major application direction of RFID in China.

As an important driver of China's RFID market development, government support has promoted market scale and consummated industrial chain, and therefore provided conditions for RFID industry's further development.

The report says venture Investors should pay close attention to the RFID market for two reasons: the booming RFID market has provided sufficient development space for its industry; the ease of transferring RFID technologies into products brings great market opportunities.


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