The Ministry of Information Industry (MII) has released a circular saying that after careful examination it has decided to offer monetary support to six terminal/chip makers and three core network manufacturers.

The companies who will receive money are ZTE Communications Holding Company, ZTE Software Technology (Nanchang),, Huawei, Vimicro and Bird. All of these businesses are involved, in some way, with TD-SCDMA.

In addition, MII has also offered funds to three core net IP Multimedia Sub-system developers including Huawei, Shanghai Xinfang Intellectual System Company and Shanghai Bell-Alcatel.

Even though it is facing a budget shortage itself, MII is trying to offer support to the TD-SCDMA makers and developers in the hopes of promoting the TD-SCDMA industry as a whole in the country.

Latest statistics show there are four TD-SCDMA system manufacturers, 14 terminal makers, four chip makers and a number of test manufacturers in the world. All of the major communications equipment makers have made large investment on TD-SCDMA development and MII wants to keep pace.


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