A Beijing judge has ordered 8848.com to pay Baidu.com (BIDU), Sohu.com (SOHU), and Zhongsou.com about CNY1.16 million.

8848's "mysearch" software, which it allows users to download for free, has caused much of the problems. The software angered Baidu, Sohu and Zhongsou because it helped 8848 add its own search engine onto the three parties' respective search pages so as to attract users away the three parties' own websites.

The court said 8848 engaged in an improper business manner and infringed the rights of the Baidu, Sohu and Zhongsou.

8848 has been asked to pay Baidu CNY500,000, Sohu CNY552,000 and Zhongsou CNY110,000, and to place an apology on its 8848.com website for ten consecutive days.


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