Integrated Device Technology (IDTI) announced that Tsinghua Bitway has selected the I DT 75K62100 network search engine to power the BitEngine 12416 core router, China's first core router with support for IPv6, the next-generation Internet protocol.

The IDT NSE device helps Tsinghua Bitway's core router achieve 320 billion bits per second transfer rates, enabling high performance communications for many emerging IPv6-compliant applications. Momentum is growing for a transition to IPv6 in China driven by millions of new users and devices requiring IP addresses, as well as by demand for new services and increased security that are stretching the limits of the IPv4 standard.

The BitEngine12416 is the first core router in China to support both IPv4 and IPv6. Tsinghua Bitway's BitEngine 12416 core router is currently in service as part of the CNGI (China Next Generation IP) network, which includes network infrastructure being implemented by China Telecom, China Mobile and CNC, as well as CERNET2, which connects Chinese universities in 20 cities.

Dr. Fu Lizheng, vice president of Tsinghua Bitway said, "The IPv6 protocol is the next step in the evolution of the Internet. It will address technical issues currently facing IPv4 and provide enhancements for a variety of network functions, including routing, application convergence and network auto-configuration. The IDT NSE is a key component that allows us to deliver the higher throughput performance and fast IP forwarding that IPv6 applications will require."

"With a fast-growing Internet community of nearly 80 million users, the Chinese government has invested heavily in the development of the world's largest IPv6 network, as evidenced by this innovative core router project," said Scott Sarnikowski, vice president and general manager of the IDT IP co-processor division. "The BitEngine12416 is China's first core router to be backward compatible with IPv4, while efficiently supporting the larger packet header sizes used in IPv6. By offering a pin-compatible family of high-performance NSEs, solid software tools, and strong design and prototyping support, IDT can continue to support Tsinghua Bitway as processing requirements scale higher in the future."

The IDT 75K62100 NSE provided Tsinghua Bitway with a number of performance and design benefits. By delivering a pin-compatible family from 2- to 18-Mbit densities, IDT allowed Tsinghua Bitway to use one design that supports multiple NSE configurations, which helped reduce costs and time to market.

The device also supports dynamic database management, providing the ability to select specific application databases to be searched while helping to reduce power consumption by up to 70 percent. In addition, the device's x36-x576 search capabilities support both IPv4 and IPv6 forwarding and policy lookups. IDT also provided Tsinghua Bitway with a full-featured software development kit that included initialization, management and search-control software.

In addition to the 75K62100 NSE, the BitEngine12416 core router also uses an IDT FIFO and an IDT Zero Bus Turnaround (ZBT) SRAM device. The flexible LVTTL interface for ASIC/FPGA-based designs allowed Tsinghua Bitway to easily enable a complete router system configuration.


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