China Mobile and China Satcom, two of China's major communication operators, have signed a contract to share business resources.

Li Yue, vide president of China Mobile, expressed his appreciation to China Satcom for the great contributions that the latter has made to its Village Communication Program in 2005.

Li also said that redundant constructions of China's telecommunication operators have caused a great loss of national assets and led to low efficiencies.

This contract will help both sides make up for their inadequacies, which is conducive to national asset protection, shareholders, and consumers.

Guo Hao, vice president of China Satcom, said the cooperation will bring a win-win result to both China Mobile and China Satcom.

With the assistance of China Satcom, China Mobile completed its Village Communication Program ahead of time in 2005. The program provides rural China citizens access to telephony and Internet services.


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