Intel (INTC) and Shanghai Media Group (SMG) have unveiled a collaboration that will enable SMG's large Chinese subscriber base to receive a wide variety of entertainment programming and content over the Internet on personal computers and other consumer electronics products that feature Intel Viiv technology later in 2006.

The second-largest media distributor in China and the first in the country to receive an IPTV and mobile TV operation license, SMG owns 13 analog television channels, 11 analog radio channels, two newspapers and two magazines, and also produces, licenses and distributes domestic, Korean and Japanese content.

SMG also has more than 53 million broadband customers, alone, to best deliver digital entertainment.

SMG's extensive media content portfolio has now been tested and certified to work on the Intel Viiv technology platform, including news and financial programming, live sports broadcasts and interviews, music, 4,000 hours of movies and television dramas, 200 hours of video-on-demand news and entertainment, and live content.

SMG also plans to develop exclusive programming for Intel Viiv technology-based personal computers and other products, including a variety of interactive content and movie and sports services.

SMG also has exclusive rights to broadcast live sports games online, which include top Chinese football and basketball league matches. SMG also has acquired the exclusive license from FIFA to broadcast World Cup 2006 online in China. SMG's service will be available for the Intel Viiv technology platform over broadband Internet connections from leading system manufacturers later this quarter.

Intel Viiv technology is designed to make it easier for people to download, view, manage and share digital entertainment on a variety of viewing screens and networked devices such as portable media players, digital TVs and routers. SMG has ensured that all SMG media content will work in full-screen formats using a remote control. SMG content and services will also include an identifier that reads, "Enjoy with Intel Viiv technology."

Shanghai Media Group is a multimedia conglomerate of radio, television, newspaper, and websites with total assets of 10.7 billion yuan and over 5,200 staff. It is comprised of 10 nationally renowned media organizations and 3 sports clubs, including Shanghai TV Women's Soccer Club, Oriental Basketball Club and Shanghai Cable TV Station Volleyball Club.


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