Oki announced its new version of Yakushite.Net, a web-based machine translation system that enables increased translation precision by letting users register their own dictionary data.

This Chinese-Japanese version of the Yakushite.Net is available to the general public, for use free of charge at http://china.yakushite.net/.

Recently, China has been experiencing significant economic growth, which has been attracting many companies from around the world. As business and academic activities related to China expand, demands to translate documents from Japanese into Chinese, and vice versa, have been increasing.

"Yakushite.Net is Oki's web-based machine translation system that creates and manages dictionaries for each field of interest. Users who are knowledgeable in the field register the dictionary data, enabling a high-quality dictionary, which results in sophisticated machine translation," said Harushige Sugimoto, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Oki Electric. "We have made the English-Japanese Yakushite.Net website available since September 2004, which is supported and utilized by many users. Because users can manage their own dictionary data, we believe this newly launched Chinese-Japanese version will also provide high-quality translation to many people in various fields."

Oki will also provide "Yakushite-Tsuuchi," a special version of the MAILPIA service for ASAHI Net members with the feature of Chinese to Japanese translation. Members can register their favorite Chinese websites, and by choosing "Yakushite-Tsuuchi," members will receive a notice when the Chinese websites are updated and will be able to view the content of the update and its Japanese translation.

Going forward, Oki will continue to improve the usability of Yakushite.Net as a translation portal site for many users. We also intend to accumulate know-how on various language data and to develop natural language processing technology including machine translation and information extraction.


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