In order to better organize Internet domain names, there are now three top-level Chinese domain names under the .CN country indicator.

Those three are .AC, .GOV, and .MIL. They represent academics, government, and military, respectively.

The new domain name system also sets three temporary top-level domain names "China", "Company" and "Network". This means from now on, the routing of these websites will go directly through the Chinese domestic analysis server instead of the ones used by ICANN. In effect, these three create an intranet within China.

Also, two second-level English domain names "Category Domain Name" and "Administrative Region Domain Name" have been set within the new domain name system. To be more specific, there are seven category domain names and 34 administrative region domain names which represent provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and special administrative zones in China.

The new domain name system will be formally opened on March 1, 2006.


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