Headed by the Internet Society of China (ISC), China's email service providers including Sina.com, Netease.com, Tom Online and 263.net are preparing to build a unified email management platform and to have in-depth cooperation with international anti-spam organizations to better manage emails and counter junk mails.

The unified management platform will bring together the blacklist of spam senders for the parties to share.

According to ISC's Huang Chengqing, after an anti-spam reporting hotline was launched on February 21, they have received up to 5000 complaint reports, of which 70% were about spam, 28% junk mobile short text messages.

International groups like Spamhaus, the world's largest anti-spam organization, applaud the efforts of the ISC to stem the flow of unsolicited bulk email in China, but a Spamhaus representative based in China says that constant attention to ridding China's Internet waves of cyber-criminals must also be a priority.


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