NCR Corporation (NCR) has been awarded its first order from China's CITIC Bank, making NCR one of CITIC's leading suppliers of automated teller machines (ATMs).

Under the terms of the contract, NCR will provide CITIC with maintenance services and NCR's latest self-service technology, including NCR Personas ATMs and its newest, multi-function Personas M Series ATMs with NCR's industry-leading, multi-vendor APTRA Edge software.

This offers CITIC a solid foundation for the addition of new services and for the future deployment of a single software application environment across its entire ATM channel.

CITIC currently owns more than 1,000 ATM units nationwide. With this purchase, the bank is looking to increase its operational efficiency, competitive edge and customer service levels.

CITIC will also migrate high-volume, low-commercial-value customer transactions from its teller counters to the self-service channel and plans to add new service offerings on its ATMs in the future.

The total solution offered by NCR, which includes hardware, software and supporting services, will help CITIC reduce the total operational cost of its ATM network, while enhancing its customer service and market competitiveness.

Established in 1987, China's CITIC Bank is one of the earliest commercial banks formed in the course of China's reform.


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