China's largest free email service provider Netease (NTES) has launched a new campaign called "D Plan" to upgrade its free email service.

The new beta testing of email boxes, which does not have a formal name, is expected to be soon offered to Netease's 126 email users.

According to a representative from Netease, the company calls this "D Plan" mainly because the new beta will break the boundary between Desktop and Web Mail and it is scheduled to be launched in the Spring of 2006, the Year of the Dog.

At present, Netease had more than 100 million email users. The company wants to build 126 into another solid email brand and consolidate its advantage in the email service industry.

This change also comes on the heels of a new anti-spam email law in China. The new law goes into effect on March 30, 2006, and will help limit the amount of unsolicited bulk email that users receive.


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