Tom Online (TOMO) announced its exclusive cooperation with Titan Sports Weekly, China's top-selling sports newspaper, to provide joint coverage on this year's FIFA World Cup in addition to a range of other long-term initiatives, including the launch of a new online sports channel.

The strategic cooperation with Titan Sports includes the integration of sports content, wireless Internet technologies and marketing resources to deliver a more compelling sports experience to Chinese consumers.

Wang Lei Lei, Chief Executive Officer and an Executive Director of TOM Online, said: "I believe that this cooperation between Titan Sports and TOM Online's forms an integral part of our long-term strategy to provide unparalleled sports content and applications to Chinese consumers, which can be delivered through both mobile devices and the PC, helping to differentiate our services from our competitors and fulfill the growing needs of sports fans in China."

Titan Sports is China's largest sports newspaper with a weekly circulation of over 4 million. As a part of the exclusive cooperation arrangement, Titan Sports will provide first hand stories, pictures and audio-visual material to Tom Online for online and wireless Internet users.

In addition to the alliance with Titan Sports, Tom Online also is an exclusive wireless Internet services partner with China's most-watched sports TV channel CCTV5, which holds exclusive rights to broadcast World Cup matches in China.


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