Guangzhou Radio and Television Network Company has selected NDS VideoGuard conditional access for the launch and transition of the company's digital cable TV services from analog for its subscribers in Guangzhou.

NDS's digital technology will support Guangzhou Radio and Television Network Company's (GZCATV) business and security needs enabling the company to launch more advanced business models and services on a secure and flexible platform.

By adopting NDS's technology, the digital programming package will expand to more than 120 channels from its current offering of 50 analog channels.

With NDS's conditional access capabilities extending beyond the set top box into interactive TV, HDTV, and DVR, GZCATV is placing itself in a strong position in the development of China's digital broadcasting industry.

"NDS is the most secure system available in the world and based on their proven experience in the transition to digital media in China, NDS is the natural choice for GZCATV. In partnership with NDS we are confident that we will deliver a reliable and exciting digital TV offering to our subscribers," said Mr. Yang Yuhua, General Manager of GZCATV.

The NDS end-to-end solutions selected by GZCATV include NDS VideoGuard conditional access, NDS StreamServer, Digital Broadcasting Management and NDS's Scheduler, which allow for the control of dynamic scheduling and conditional access. The combined solution will allow GZCATV to develop an industry leading digital platform capable of delivering value added services in a secure and robust environment.


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