Syntax-Brillian (BRLC) has announced its participation in a strategic alliance with a consortium of Asian-based companies that will accelerate expansion of Olevia LCD TVs in China and the Pacific Rim.

The joint venture, called Nanjing Huahai Display Technology Co., Ltd., will manufacture the full line of Olevia LCD TVs in Nanjing; conduct ongoing research and development; and market, distribute and support the Olevia product family throughout the Asia Pacific region.

The Nanjing manufacturing facility is scheduled to begin volume production in July 2006, with an initial production capacity of 150,000 units for the calendar year. The ultimate goal is for total output capacity of 300,000 units annually.

"This is a tremendous opportunity to further expand our presence in China and to grow the Olevia brand in parallel with the growth of China's increasingly affluent TV consumers," said James Li, president of Syntax-Brillian Corp. "This alliance, which combines our leadership in product branding with complementary expertise in production, materials, finance and distribution, is another important step in our ongoing strategy to capture greater market share in the global LCD TV market."

Syntax-Brillian's Olevia LCD TVs deliver a total quality digital entertainment experience with superior specifications, outstanding value, and an industry-leading warranty. Since introducing Olevia LCD TVs to North American consumers in 2004, the Olevia brand has steadily increased its popularity and is recognized as a leading LCD TV brand.


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