China's Ministry of Commerce has published the latest statistics showing that from January to February of this year, the accumulative volume of China's high-tech product imports and exports reached CNY68.48 billion, an increase of 34.9% over the previous year.

Of the total, the import volume hit CNY32.71 billion, increasing 33.9%, and export volume was $35.77 billion, increasing 36.6%.

According to a representative from the Ministry of Commerce, the high-tech product imports and exports in the first two months had two features. One was that the accumulative import and export volume hit historical records in total foreign trade and the goods structure was optimized, and the other was that the goods of the communications, electronics, aviation and photoelectrical sector kept a fast pace.

The statistics shows that the top three importers and exporters of high-tech goods are electronics, computers and communication, which reached $17.34 billion, $5.12 billion and $4.43 billion, respectively.


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