Fourteen websites in China have together put forward proposals regarding the healthy management of their online domains.

The 14 Chinese website companies are,,, Netease,,,, Ynet,,,, Yahoo, Hexun and

The group will promote and implement "The Eight Honors and Eight Shames" put forward by Chinese President Hu Jintao within their industry.

The websites will also work to create an active and harmonious online environment and voluntarily resist content that is ethically wrong and against Chinese national virtues. This includes putting an end to content that is too violent or sexually-charged.


  1. A fully agree with such aims as I have noticed that many Chinese people do not know how to communicate properly. The Chinese people are supposed to have inherited an ancient and honourable culture, but this is certainly not reflected in the way they express themselves especially on the internet. It is going to be a mamoth task to eleviate the level of good communication. This can begin by a stricter moderation of posts in forums.
    Those are my private views. The Chinese who post should be intellectually mature, and this is a difficult task to overcome.


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