Intel (INTC) China and Chinese search engine (BIDU) today signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the development of Internet search and related applications in China.

According to the MOU, the two companies will cooperate in advancing Internet search applications for laptops, handsets and PC in the digital home environment, coupling Intel's server platform with Baidu's backend search systems to achieve optimized performance and operational stability.

"Baidu is committed to providing the best way for people to find information. In addition to PCs, our users will soon be able to access Baidu search services on their handsets and home devices," Said Jerry Liu, CTO of Baidu. "Intel is the global leader in silicon technology and has played a critical role in enhancing Internet user experience. We are pleased to join hands with Intel in making Internet search more convenient and fun for people on their wireless devices and home appliances."

The two parties will rely on their respective strengths in technology to develop optimized Baidu search applications for Intel platforms, and facilitate implementation on PC, laptops, handsets and home appliances.

Intel is also Baidu's backend server platform provider. "A high performance, high stable and high scalable server platform is very important to Baidu's powerful search engine system. Intel has been a reliable long-term provider and partner," said Jerry Liu.

"Baidu is the most frequently used search engine in China with an enormous user base. Its high traffic volume requires the highest standard of performance and stability in its server platform. Intel is pleased to work together with Baidu to provide optimized search performance and exciting search experience to end users," said Thomas M. Kilroy, Vice President of Intel Corporation and General Manager of Digital Enterprise Group, "With regard to server platform, 80% of the current enterprise servers are all based on IntelĀ® ItaniumĀ® 2 processor or Intel Xeon processor. The cost- effective and innovative server platform of Intel will surely provide powerful backend support for hundreds of million users of Baidu."


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